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Raffaele sollecito still dating amanda knox

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She said she wanted to help the Kerchers, of Coulsdon, Surrey, to "achieve justice".The olive branch from the Sollecitos may offer some crumb of comfort to the Kercher family, who have been left dazed by the overturning of the pair's murder conviction.

"He's trying to make contact again with reality," she said.For her he is just a dear friend.” The family's goal is to do everything possible to allow Miss Knox to return to the normal, middle class life she had before.She will finish her degree at the University of Washington and, according to her father, possibly go on to be an advocate for victims of miscarriages of justice.He did not travel to Perugia, unable to face the emotional and physical strain of the verdict.And he fervently hopes that Miss Knox will not sell her story, to cover the huge legal bills she has incurred.While Miss Knox returned to a triumphant homecoming in Seattle, with a pizza party and wine, lucrative television offers flooding in and her tear-stained, relieved face splashed across the world's screens, the Kerchers said they were "back to square one." If Miss Knox and Mr Sollecito were innocent, they asked, then who killed Miss Kercher?

If they were nowhere near the scene of the crime, then why were their recollections of their whereabouts so hazy?

While the world's spotlight was on Amanda Knox, her softly-spoken boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was awaiting his appeal verdict in the shadows.

Almost a forgotten extra in the proceedings, the glare of publicity was directed unwaveringly on Miss Knox and her entourage, leaving the 27-year-old Italian and his family content to bide their time until he was freed last week.

"As I understand it, and I kind of use Patrick Lumumba as an example, I know that he received some remuneration from the country of Italy because of his wrongful incarceration.

"At this stage of the game our attorneys are still looking at what the scenarios are as it relates to that.

Mr Mellas described how on subsequent visits to see her his Mini Cooper was pursued by paparazzi at "about 100 miles an hour" through his suburban neighbourhood.