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Within five years she became a partner and shareholder at her firm.Masters ultimately veered toward sports law and began representing Olympians via Kelli Masters Management in 2004.

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Having been in the business just under a decade, Tumminia has enjoyed great success as one of the few female executives in the male-dominated world of baseball.It took several years before she landed her first big NFL client, but it finally happened when she signed Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald Mc Coy in 2010. 3 overall selection in the draft that year and was just the first of many signings to come for Masters.Specializing in combine/pro day training and preparation, draft analysis, contract negotiation, and grievances and arbitration, KMM now represents 24 athletes and counting.Three months later she became the first female fighter to headline a UFC event.To date she’s 9-0 (eight submissions and a TKO) and the No. Rousey’s influence extends well beyond the Octagon.She gets regular modeling work and had a memorable appearance in Kelli Masters is one of just a handful of female sports agents today.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Law, Masters began her professional career as a business litigation attorney in 2000.

The fact that sports are still such a male-dominated world makes highlighting the influential women in the industry all the more worthwhile.

Those featured on this list are just a sampling of the women making waves throughout the industry, chosen deliberately to reflect a broad range of athletes, coaches, media and executives, presented in no particular order.

Most people don't define women by specific roles they're expected to fulfill, unless it's one of their own choosing.

Today, the "glass ceiling" is very real, but it is more often a product of an unenlightened power broker or an organization's flawed culture than an orchestrated environment.

Here are 25 of the most influential women who are active in sports today.