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Rappers dating white women

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Still, he doesn't apologize to Madonna for breaking up with her, but instead, offers his friendship to her and asks to have a full in-person conversation. That's the post-breakup act so many women unfortunately have to be power dynamics that relationships have to overcome. Some can deal with it and some have to bow out gracefully.2014 was the year of Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, and now there’s a tough new breed of female rappers ready to take on the traditionally male world of hip hop in 2015.

Macaulay Culkin's new look is winning rave reviews from fans.As Tupac pointed out in his letter, white people are often revered as "open" and "exciting" for dating a person of color, while Tupac and other people of color who date white people are often seen as sellouts.He addressed the pressure he felt in his letter, of not wanting to look like a sellout to the other people in your race who love you.Interracial dating as a person of color can be a tough task.There are often worries about whether or not you're being fetishized, as in, used to fulfill a person's ulterior motives for dating someone from your race instead of being dated because they really just want to be with you. Cause the Hip Hop Culture has fucked up the whole shit. While Gotti labels Kylie and her family as being the reason for the apparent spark in blatant racism, he doesn't actually blame them, and he gives them props at various points in his post, calling the business empire that Kylie's mother Kris Jenner has helped create "amazing" and a part of "hip-hop." "And please anyone. I'm just stating what Racist Old White Men are mad about.

Gotti says 15-year-old girls are now trying to look like Kylie so that they can attract Black men, and that's what's making White people racist.

In a lengthy, now-deleted Instagram post, the Murder Inc.

This isn't a message bashing the Kardashians Or Kylie and Kendall. "They are a part of this thing called Hip Hop CULTURE.

Tupac spent his short-lived career as a rap star, who spoke out against the racial and economic injustices in America.

Madonna was indeed a sex symbol and pop star with way more experience being in the Hollywood spotlight. It's understandable that the racial issues, paired with the power of her stardom and maturity, pushed Tupac into another direction — especially considering the possibility of potentially being just another token of Madonna's sex symbol status.

While I can't speak for Tupac, it seems that dating a white woman was heavily weighted, and apparently something he was not willing to keep up.