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After weeks of correspondence Harbisson's antenna was included.Use of the Internet as a sense: Harbisson has given permission to 5 of his friends, one in each continent, to send colours, images, videos or sounds directly into his head.

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This is useful, as your computer’s Pictures folder will soon get clogged up with high-resolution stills and video clips.Once the correct settings are made, launch the EOS Utility and switch on the camera. Manually downloading images from a memory card can be a slow and tedious process - selecting a location, creating folders, working out a naming scheme... The EOS Utility speeds up the importing and storing process and makes it more efficient.Click ‘Control Camera’ in the EOS Utility’s main window and the program provides two options for downloading files from the camera – it will download everything as a batch, or you can manually select which images or video clips to import.By default, images are saved in your Mac or PC’s Pictures folder and sorted by date into sub folders. After the batch download has been completed, the images will be displayed in the main window of Digital Photo Professional for you to then edit.By default all JPEG images are opened in Digital Photo Professional after download, but you can set the application’s Linked Software preference to launch DPP after you’ve imported other formats such as . You can also set the Linked Software preference menu to make EOS Utility launch alternative Canon applications such as Image Browser EX.In 2010, he co-founded the Cyborg Foundation, an international organisation that defends cyborg rights, promotes cyborgism as an art movement and supports people who want to become cyborgs.

Harbisson's antenna, which has been permanently attached to his head since 2004, is osseointegrated inside his skull and sprouts from within his occipital bone.

The EOS Utility application is fully compatible with all EOS DSLRs, right back to the EOS D30 from 2000.

In this article we’ll take a look at how the Utility software can be used to import photographs and movies from your Canon DSLR and even control various camera settings remotely.

Pope Francis has reminded the faithful that the Eucharist is a wonderful event during which Jesus Christ, our life, becomes present. Peter’s Square for the Wednesday General Audience, the Pope began a new series of reflections focusing on the Sacraments.

His antenna uses audible vibrations in his skull to report information to him.

The installation is recorded 24 hours a day and a melody is being created depending on which strings birds decide to rest on.