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Relationship advice dating for four years

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Make sure you’re exploring what you like as it evolves over time, in sex and elsewhere.

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I’m really in love with him, but lately I feel really bored too. He still tries to be romantic, takes me out on dates, buys me flowers, etc. When I think about seeing him in the evenings after work, though, I just feel like, ugh. If you’re not in love with the guy he is here and now, there’s nothing you can do to change that. You have the right to feel however you do, so stop feeling guilty, STAT!Extrapolating from census data it is likely that 3.5 million dating couples are long-distance.Overall, there are just over 7 million couples (14-15 million individuals) in the US who consider themselves in a long distance relationship.Back to top, click here Despite what many people believe, LDRs do not break up at any greater rate than more traditional, geographically close, couples.Multiple studies comparing LDRs to geographically close couples find the same rates of breaking up over time. While your problem is not uncommon, it’s a serious one without an easy fix.

You can change your dynamic, your attitudes, and your actions, but you can’t force yourself into love with someone or change them back into the person you fell for. And while you’re at it, make sure you’re not overcompensating for your feelings by acting overly nice, promising him that everything is OK when you know darn well that it isn’t.

Society has finally started accepting long distance relationships as a viable alternative.

So not only are there more long-distance sparks flying these days but people are far more likely to fan the flames of these romances rather than assume they would never work.

If it’s NBD, that’s fair, but if you adore sex, then it’s no surprise that after four years of “fine” relations you’re bored, bored, bored.

Guilt and boredom are boner-killers extraordinaire. There is no emotion less sexy than guilt, and none less passionate than boredom, so don’t punish yourself for your feelings about your otherwise lovely bf.

Back to top, click here Compared to 2000 there are 839,000 more long-distance marriages in 2005.