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Richard fleeshman dating

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He played the role of Gillen in the ITV comedy drama Monday Monday, which aired on 10 August 2009.But I also should say that I probably haven’t heard of most of the 99 others [laughs]. How do you find the demands of this role compared to Sam in Ghost?This is a big sing, but the part itself is different in terms of the angst and screaming and crying and God knows what else Ghost entailed.In terms of the strain on my voice, it’s not nearly as bad. It’s an incredibly tough job, and I don’t think someone can appreciate how hard people in musical theater work if they’ve never done it.To have the discipline you need to be on form and healthy and to give the necessary commitment really is an amazing thing.At the age of 12, from 2002 to 2006, he played the role of Craig Harris in Coronation Street.

He was the only member of his on-screen family to escape the axe in 2005, leaving the programme at the age of 16. Fleeshman later filmed an episode of Blue Murder in 2007 in which he played the character Ben Holroyd, starring alongside Jill Halfpenny.

His father, actor David Fleeshman, played the role of Gilbert in the same series.

All the Small Things was screened in Australia under the title of Heart and Soul.

While Richard Fleeshman still considers himself new to the musical theater scene, the 24-year-old actor is racking up quite a list of credits, including Legally Blonde in the West End, and the Broadway and London productions of Ghost.

Prior to his career as a theater heartthrob, the actor and singer-songwriter was a steady presence on the small screen and the radio airwaves.

Now, Fleeshman is starting a revolution in the London premiere of Urinetown, opening March 11 at the St. caught up with the versatile performer to chat about wacky show titles, cramped dressing rooms and his lady love, Samantha Barks.