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Richard holbrooke and kati marton dating

What can you say about a guy who used to ditch dates at the end of the evening for the opportunity to escort Jacqueline Onassis home?“He’s intellectually honest, but so blunt it can be disconcerting,” said Time magazine managing editor Walter Isaacson, who has socialized with him and Ms. David Halberstam, another friend from East Asian days, said that Mr.

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Holbrooke as a combination of Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman, with too much Rodman in the mix.“He is not subtle,” said the novelist Ward Just, an old Foreign Service hand.“He’s a tough customer.” In the past this was a liability.Frank Wisner, the recently retired Ambassador to India now employed as vice chairman for external affairs at the American International Group, has been a Holbrooke watcher since they met as Foreign Service fledglings in Saigon. He’s a man of huge intelligence, force of character and logic, with a deep, sustained concern for the nation’s foreign affairs.” On a personal level, this has tended to translate, as many of Mr.“I know all the criticisms of Dick,” he said, “that he’s prepared to trample roughshod over feelings and to upstage everyone, and I’m not saying that they’re not in measure true. Holbrooke’s other friends are delicately wont to do, into viewing him as a lovable creep.“Spent the day with a man who has 13 bullets in his body, the head of the human-rights movement here, then I met with some people at the Foreign Ministry and told them about their shabby human rights record.” Mr. Marton have no plans to see the Clintons on their home turf, unless, Ms. ambassador’s suite in the Waldorf Towers–but the Holbrookes get to stay in their apartment at the Beresford, new home to Jerry Seinfeld. Under consideration is a $27 million apartment in the Pierre Hotel, as well as space in Trump International Hotel and Tower, and the Trump World Tower.

Marton said, “we just get one of those spontaneous phone calls” from the Presidential sleep-over at the Spielberg estate. That rumor seeped after an assessment conducted by the U. Inspector General’s office apparently indicated that the Waldorf quarters are no longer adequate.

During her two-year term, 1995-97, as chairman of the Committee to Protect Journalists, she was instrumental in bringing in enough corporate sponsorships to bankroll a small, oppressed country.

While Government colleagues have historically viewed his abrasiveness as antithetical to their cautiously bureaucratic ways, one longtime friend called the tall, hefty Mr.

He has been, and is, called “bully,” “user” and not a “team player.” Now he is a team player, and the other member of the team is Ms. “They’re like two ambitions that met,” said a journalist, “across a crowded room.” Sympathizers prefer to call the partnership symbiotic.

For every mogul he has made it his geopolitical business to befriend–Henry Kravis, for instance, is now a close pal–she can match him, tycoon for tycoon.

Since the city’s extended social life and its powerful pollinators abhor a vacuum, it’s a good thing that the Holbrookes were around. Although his current professional incarnation is as vice chairman of Credit Suisse First Boston in New York, the Manhattan that matters has still tended to view Mr. “It’s as if they’re suddenly ‘the one,'” said a photographer intimate with the velvet-rope crowd, “for the inner sanctum.” Not only that, Mr.