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Unfortunately, there's always bad apples that will spoil the bunch.My daughter had an AJ account for over a year with only the "Bubble Chat" (you can only send/receive messages from a set list).

On occasions when she wasn't allowed to use her screen time she became intolerably angry.This is a den where tables with torches or lamp posts have been set up and animals dance on the table. As for sex, your child may be invited to a private den party.They are asked to sleep and the the other animal jumps up and down on them asking all sorts of inappropriate things like "Is this hard enough" "Oh that's good baby". Google animal jam sex for a whole punch of You Tube videos on the subject.All those good things about it are still true, it is educational, there is no selling of site products to them. It used to be the kids would play and interact and pretend with each other.You be the mommy and I'll be your baby bunny sort of thing.I predict she will cry and pull out her hair for a few weeks but I am willing to do this because I feel so strongly that this type of game with a chat feature is not for children.

Follow-Up: Six months after shutting down Animal Jam things have improved significantly!

You cannot believe how the obsessive collecting, scamming and inappropriate chat these kids are encountering on this site could impact a child's behavior!

Don't let your kids play this game or others like it!!!!! Believe me, this trait is not rewarded on the animal jam web site. In it I stated some problems with the site, how kids were preying upon each other.

I was very impressed with their response to the feedback I gave.

My old review follows but it isn't applicable anymore, as trades are only made now when a pop-up appears in a totally different area of the screen, and the child has to move the mouse over and click there to complete the transaction, eliminating the possibility of trading without realizing you're doing it that I described below.

Other things they will learn are: lying, cheating, and stealing, as experienced players take advantage of new players by lopsided trades, and new players give away their passwords and thus control of their possessions to strangers. Well, first off, the players have various short hand for swear words.