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If you want to prevent Googlebot from crawling content on your site, you have a number of options, including using to block access to files and directories on your server.Once you've created your file, there may be a small delay before Googlebot discovers your changes.

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It must be in the top directory of the server (for example, placing the file in a subdirectory won't have any effect.Similarly, the web has many outdated and broken links.Whenever someone publishes an incorrect link to your site or fails to update links to reflect changes in your server, Googlebot will try to download an incorrect link from your site.Hey Ian: below is our list of top ten robot women we'd like to have sex with.If you can work on getting these made real, we'll book our tickets.To prevent Googlebot from following an individual link, add the Googlebot discovers sites by following links from page to page.

The Crawl errors page in Search Console lists any problems Googlebot found when crawling your site.

Since Feedfetcher requests come from explicit action by human users who have added the feeds to their Google home page and not from automated crawlers, Feedfetcher does not follow guidelines.

You can prevent Feedfetcher from crawling your site by configuring your server to serve a 404, 410, or other error status message to user-agent Feedfetcher-Google.

Our goal is to crawl as many pages from your site as we can on each visit without overwhelming your server's bandwidth. It's almost impossible to keep a web server secret by not publishing links to it.

As soon as someone follows a link from your "secret" server to another web server, your "secret" URL may appear in the referrer tag and can be stored and published by the other web server in its referrer log.

Googlebot is Google's web crawling bot (sometimes also called a "spider").