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Rules about dating while separated

The letter templates are as follows:Dear Sirs, RE: Case reference number [enter case number on top of letters]I am writing in relation to the letter you sent me stating that I owe child maintenance in relation to [child's name and date of birth].I deny / am unsure that I am the father of this child and so do not owe any child support.

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I now have extenuating circumstances which will affect my child maintenance payments.Please contact me within 7 working days to let me know when my payments in relation to each child will stop.Yours faithfully,[your signature][your name]Dear Sirs, RE: Case reference number [enter case number on top of letters]I am writing to request a breakdown of your calculation which results in me owing [amount] in child maintenance in relation to [child A and date of birth] and [child B and date of birth].Even if you look at the basic cost of a child, uniform, dinner money, trips this would amount to more than £7 per week.Put your hate aside stop being greedy and for those who have to pay do the right thing and let your child have the upbringing that they surely deserve. If he is not working, then CMS cannot take any more money than a basic rate as it would leave your ex very little to live on, whereas a primary carer can at least claim child benefit and/or child tax credits.I am faced with a partner that keeps pay below the threshold and only contributes £1 a day whilst this person and new partner enjoy a great life.

Not sure what I am suppose to do with £1 a day when as someone that earns over £100 a day I find it funny that parents think that children grow up on thin air.

In this letter you calculated my child maintenance at [amount].

I dispute this amount and calculate that my child maintenance amount should be [amount].

The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission is the governing organisation for all matter relating to child support (known until recently as the CSA).

The rules are set to change slightly but child support itself is around to stay and there will always be a need for an organisation to regulate and administer payment collections.

I will be able to continue payment of child maintenance on [date] / I am unsure when I will be able to continue paying child maintenance.