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However, only the Empty and Script tasks are supported by the Process Maker engine.

The task context menu is the menu displayed when right clicking on a task.In the window that opens, there are two ways to add the trigger that will be executed by the task.Business rule is an explicit type that was added with BPMN 2.0.To connect a task to another element simply click on it and the following options will be shown.A task can be connected to another task, an intermediate event, an end event, or a gateway.The flow option allows connecting the task to an already added element in the process map, the engine option is the shortcut to view the task properties, and the trash option is the shortcut to remove the task.

For example, in order to connect the task to another task, just click on the task option and place it in the Process Map.

Tasks can be assigned to different users or groups of users, so that a process can coordinate the activities of different people or groups in an organization.

As of version 3.0.1, elements have the Quick Toolbar that appears when an element is selected and can be used to conveniently add the next element in the design, such as an event, gateway, task and sub-process.

Each of these options are described in the following sections.

Task types are intended to model processes that are technically executable.

In the case you already have two tasks set in the Process, click on the task and from the Quick Toolbar choose the connect option.