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I believe that Aradigm currently presents a very high reward/risk scenario, with potential for significant gains on the upside.ANTARES offers solar resource and project feasibility assessment services to help our clients identify the right solar technology and implementation for their facility.ANTARES simplifies obtaining permits, receiving incentives, and monetizing Renewable Energy Credits, all making projects more economical.One of the two trials in essence failed to meet statistical significance for both the primary endpoint of a The stock price fell from ~$5.24 to ~$2.17.It traded as low as $0.78 and is now trading at $1.43.ANTARES services include wind prospecting, economic feasibility, installation of meteorological towers, visual simulation and public outreach.

View our wind power services for the industrial sector Solar power is a rapidly developing field that ANTARES has worked in for over 20 years and watched evolve.

The company submitted an NDA in late July, and we should hear back very soon if the application is complete enough for review. Though a quick look gives the impression of a Titanic made from toilet paper, the September 18 KOL call identifies a possible reason for P3 failure: unbalanced macrolide use.

In this article, I will briefly examine the company, drug, and disease.

Interestingly, one of Aradigm's main competitors, the much bigger and better-funded Bayer (OTCPK: BAYZF), had a similar treatment failure in one of its two non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis trials, as reported on April 5, 2017.

In this trial, the 14 day on/off trial succeeded, but the 28 day on/off trial failed. The data seemed OK, but not quite there for me to consider more than a trade for a wild risk/reward chance...

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