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Rwanda dating

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Rugamba adds that proximity usually cheats people into thinking that they are in love; however, if you date someone online, do a long distance relationship with them and wait for them, then your decision will be easily made. I registered on several dating sites, under a false name to understand these sites better.

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However, the company that monitors data flow is in charge of helping people to meet according to specifications that match.When I first started out, I was warned by a friend not to use my real picture to avoid people downloading it.Secondly, what if a relative is also on the same site?Back in the 90's and early 2000's when online dating sites were springing up, people were reluctant to join them, for several reasons such as reliability, security of personal data, personal perceptions and of, course, the honesty of people, among others.People who engaged in online dating were seen as desperate, but that perception has since changed."However, neither of us was looking for anything serious.

But we started hanging out together, talking a lot and being there for each other, it happened gradually.

"In 2008, I met a guy on Facebook and we started talking.

He began by joking about my profile picture where I was carrying a cat, he seemed to like teasing people and that was fine with me.

People can lie about their age, weight, height, income, and marital status.

Fanny Uwase, who used a dating site, concurs because it happened to her.

To avoid such situations, people opt to use pseudo pictures," says Jane Rukundo.