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Automate and streamline the process for recording and tracking transactions, as well as tackle the toughest inventory problems, including non-stocks and specials, item classification, and accurate reorder points.

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Create the ultimate building materials supply chain with Infor Distribution SX.e.With the ability to precisely monitor your customer's warehouse space for a toolcrib, industrial vending machines, maintenance repairs, and operations inventory, our solution provides a unique level of service for integrated supply.Infor Distribution SX.e helps keep control over your vast inventory to improve your overall operations.Increase collaboration in your high-volume supply chain, automate your business, and respond rapidly to price variations using Infor Distribution SX.e.Establish firm end-to-end control of your business operations by improving inventory accuracy and streamlining the purchasing process so as to react quickly and efficiently to countless customer demands.Use this comprehensive solution to increase operational efficiency, improve inventory management, and boost customer service.

Skillfully manage indirect material and machine supplies using our Storeroom solution.

Achieve better symmetry Gain a holistic view of your inventory and leverage factors ranging from adequate forecast visibility to dynamic replenishment in order to improve inventory management and drive intelligent decisions.

Value-add success Expand your role by demonstrating the ability to manage service, repairs, and warranty procedures for both the customer and the supplier to gain significant revenue and create additional selling opportunities.

Infor is committed to developing innovative solutions that are changing the way distributors work to ensure you are better able to sell to, buy from, and employ the next generation.

Developed together with industry experts to write best practices directly into the code, Infor Distribution SX.e is a comprehensive ERP software that provides core capabilities to address specific needs of the distribution industry and its micro-verticals.

More than 6,000 distributors use Infor solutions and benefit from our 30 years of experience solving the specific business challenges of the wholesale distribution industry.