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Sammi sweetheart and ronnie dating

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And we all just sat by and watched and did nothing.Episode 204: The two get into a huge fight at the club and Ronnie says, "If the horse is dead, you have to leave the horse alone." To be fair, this advice pretty much applies to all dead things.

In a lightning-quick breakup that would make a Kardashian proud, they split up again the next morning when Sammi finds his Ronnie's ex's phone number in his stuff. Episode 203: Ronnie makes out with more girls (assume they are grenades or land mines) and doesn't tell Sammi.Episode 108: In the first season finale, Ron and Sam profess their love at a candlelit dinner.Sammi says, "This summer, I slept with Ronnie every single night." They break up at the reunion special, giving the term "reunion special" an oxymoronic twist.As it so often does, the Situation quickly deteriorates.Episode 103: Sammi and Ronnie go on their first date riding go-karts, but when Ronnie dances with another girl, Sammi gets revenge by flirting with a hot cop.Episode 305: After a fight at the club, Ronnie throws all of Sammi's things around the room and Sammi punches him in the jaw. " Were they found dead the next morning with their hands wrapped around each other's necks, or did they make up? Episode 306: After a fight brought on only by Sammi's neediness, she tells Ronnie, "Look me in the face and break up with me, please." Jeez, give the guy a second to remember his line!

Episode 307: Ronnie catches Sammi macking on another dude and flies into a rage, going home and trashing all of Sammi's stuff and throwing her mattress out onto the porch. Episode 309: The rest of the crew, minus Ronnie, goes to Sammi's house and convinces her to return to the Shore. Meanwhile, the mattress unsuccessfully files for a restraining order.

Episode 401: During the hiatus, Ronnie and Sammi have reunited and broken up again. Episode 402: Ronnie tells Sammi he's hooked up with four girls in three days and she gets upset and storms out of the club. Episode 404: Ronnie confesses that he called a girl he hooked up with and Sammi freaks out: "I don't want anything to do with you again in my entire life." Episode 405: Good news, everybody, Sammi got reincarnated!

The rest of the roommates tell them they don't care what happens as long as they stop the damn fighting. "Obviously, I love you," Ronnie confesses on a rooftop in Florence. Because after being broken up for only a day, she takes Ronnie back when he comes home from the club with a rose for her.

She leaves the house that night and everyone is relieved, including the mattress, which has seen some terrible, terrible things. Episode 310: Ronnie tries to get back with Sam and she shoots him down.

Episode 308: Left alone and depressed in the house, Ronnie thinks of leaving. Everyone is still confused as to whether they are together or apart, and the "breakup a day" calendar got sauce on it so they can't read it.

Strangely enough, this relationship, like so many others forged on the boardwalk of Seaside Heights, has stood the test of time, so join us as we remember the timeline of a horrible, horrible love that will last forever, God save us all.