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Sandra mccoy dating history

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However, I had this fascination from a very early age and it has never left me. Hi Jeff yes my wifes plastic mac is basically transparent but it doesn't look completely see through when its on so I think semi see through is a really good way of saying it thank you. We are the same as you really we like them because it is easy to fold them up and just carry them and put them on when it starts to rain.

She maintains she had 1500 items, and if she can do it, so can I!We all have our own, unique waterproof experiences, our own waterproof Love Stories, to adapt those Tesco advertisements.Well, my see-through plastic mac certainly had some use over the past fortnight !It is a shame you cant buy them in the shops like you used to but perhaps you can still buy them in wales.Thank you for your nice comment it was nice to hear about your holidays perhaps you can write some more about them.Jeff Having bought six nylon macs, one PVC Mack and eight plastic macs this year, an onlooker may well describe this period of time as period of almost a resurgence! OK, no lovely plastic aroma but the weight, sound, feel and look is fabulous. I think you are right you might have a lot of rain especially on sunday but it sounds like you are prepared for it and so hopefully you can sill have a nice time even if it rains all the time!

OK, it's not the hay-day Pakamac years but with Amazon, e Bay and the pvc-u-like offerings plus the Rainmac sale, I'm certainly celebrating. And if you like gardens there are some really lovely ones in Scotland.

My wife and I are also going to the Lake District and New Quay, west Wales over the next few weeks so I am expecting my plastic macs to get some use.

Yes, it's a shame that we don't see plastic macs for sale in the shops these days.

We went on a railway when we were in Porthmadog two weeks ago and it really rained on us that day as well.

Hi Jeff twelve years was a good run my wife got fed up of macs after only two years I separated now most women would say is it me or the mac do you want or complain they are hot and sweaty think you have been lucky Jeff Hello G, I confessed my liking for plastic macs to my wife early in our courtship and she had no problem with it.

Hi G, the sight of your teacher in her plastic mac obviously remains very clear in your mind as does my memory of my sister in her pale blue translucent plastic mac which had a matching belt and a matching concertina style rain bonnet with ties that were tied under the chin. If anyone is visiting Edinburgh, it's always a good idea to look in the tourist shops on the Royal Mile.