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9) Baby turtles mature in the ocean until they are ready to begin the cycle again.

Sea turtles can be found in oceans except for the polar regions.Mature turtles may migrate thousands of miles to reach breeding sites.After mating at sea, adult female sea turtles return to land to lay their eggs.All species except the leatherback are in the family Cheloniidae.The leatherback is the only extant member of the family Dermochelyidae.Other species are smaller, being mostly 60–120 cm (2–4 ft) and proportionally narrower.

Sea turtles, along with other turtles and tortoises, are part of the order Testudines.

However, neither of these are related to extant sea turtles; the oldest representative of the lineage leading to these was Desmatochelys padillai , from the Early Cretaceous.

A lineage of unrelated marine testudines, the pleurodire bothremydids, also survived well into the Cenozoic.

1) Male and female turtles age in the ocean and migrate to shallow coastal water.

2) Turtles mate in the water near offshore nesting sites.

Sea turtles are able to grow so large because of the immense size of their habitat: the ocean.