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Sc2 arcade beta validating cache

sc2 arcade beta validating cache-74

NET Framework 2.0 pre-SP2 due to a missing overloaded method [System. - Fixed: restore option restoring all items instead of only checked items - Fixed: Monitoring option at tray icon context-menu don't change state - Changed: introduced new fail counter measures to avoid broken profiles due to unexpected program crashes - Changed: Global profiles are saved in a separated profile so they don't get messed by processes that don't terminate correctly - Changed: must check for main program's updates before downloading new skins - Changed: revamped FPS display and screenshot grabber engine with high-quality real time image resizer (Direct3D 8/9/10/11 are supported now, Open GL support will be introduced in a future build) - Changed: Radeon Pro Support Service is now started on demand - Changed: when a profile has a launcher defined and the game is started by Radeon Pro through the Play option in Profiles' list context menu, the launcher is executed now instead of profile target executable - Changed: due to the way pressed keys are checked by the FPS/Screnshot engine, modifier support (Shift, Alt, Control) keys has been dropped.

This feature controls how vertical synchronization is applied at rendering time, automatically turning it off when frame rate is below monitor's refresh rate to reduce stuttering and turning it on when framerate is above or equal to monitor's refresh rate, improving smoothness.A few days ago I've started a new tool to automate the 3D settings (AA/AF/Vsync/Catalyst AI/etc.) based on game being started, I think it's very annoying dealing with CCC profiles and shortcuts, not to mention that settings won't be restored after the game is ended.The idea is pretty straightforward: You configure all 3D settings (AA/AF/Catalyst AI/etc.) and save all those settings as a profile for a particular game, when the corresponding game is started the profile is automatically loaded.- New: DVC can be activated/deactivated during the game with SHIFT HOME key - New: Dynamic Framerate Control (DFC) support.This feature acts like a frame rate limiter with smoothness control, just set a frame rate target and Radeon Pro will try to keep it as close as possible while maintaining frame rendering times close to each other to avoid stuttering.60 Hz = 16.67 ms) instead of waiting vertical retrace.

- New: On-Screen Display panel, showing current status of some Radeon Pro features on top of game screen.

Configure Sweet FX at Radeon Pro settings and remove all 3rd party injector's DLLs from game directories if you want to use Radeon Pro's Sweet FX integration. Works with D3D8/9/10/10.1/11 (turn on the option in settings before using, it's disabled by default due to performance and compatibility questions) - New: introducing Open GL support for OSD functions (screenshots, benchmarks, etc.) - New: AMD Radeon logo can be displayed on Open GL games (single and multi GPU) - New: scripting commands to start programs synchronously and to read from registry.

Obs: Sweet FX shaders are disabled on games and Planetside 2. See Scripting Guide to learn more - New: Community feature - find and share tips about game profiles (postponed to next release) - Enhanced: program settings, custom compatibility profiles and custom driver compatibility settings can be saved/restored using the backup/restore features - Changed: removed Shell references to make the program Windows XP compatible again (some features and functionalities may still be missing, however) - Changed: improved settings dialog for easy visualization 10/30/2010 - New build - Fixed: working directory is now used when Play is selected from profiles list context menu - Fixed: screenshot function not working on some games (e.g.

Works only with full-screen games, windowed games will use normal vsync - New: FPS display, screenshot grabber, video spoof feature and forced display refresh rate can be used with games that don't have a profile defined (e.g.

any Direct3D 8/9/10/11 application) - New: display refresh rate can be specified as part of profile or global settings (experimental feature, please report if it worked for you) - Removed: Start with Skin shortcut from Jump Lists --- Verde ---- New: added shortcut to Launcher Settings in Anti-Aliasing/Crossfire X settings page ---- Fixed: LOD adjustment is not being saved 08/22/2010 - New build - Fixed: Radeon Pro causing heavy stuttering in some games that don't have a profile defined - Changed: added option "None" to Launcher type -- Skin updates --- Verde ---- Fixed: Launcher settings not being saved Known issues: - Auto-updater may fail in some cases - Screenshot function not working in some games 08/22/2010 - New build - Fixed: random crashes while starting programs (still testing, please bear with me :-) - Fixed: profiles not activating on build - Changed: auto-update from build should work now Known issues: - Auto-updater may fail in some cases - Screenshot function not working in some games 08/21/2010 - New build - Fixed: random crashes while starting programs (still testing, please bear with me :-) Known issues: - Auto-updater may fail in some cases - Screenshot function not working in some games 08/21/2010 - New build - Fixed: random crashes while starting programs (still testing, please bear with me :-) - Fixed: scripts not working on first time use when the program is configured to start minimized - Fixed: start parameters not being applied correctly - New: added Launcher settings for launcher based games Known issues: - Auto-updater may fail in some cases - Screenshot function not working in some games 08/20/2010 - New build - Fixed: random crashes while starting programs (still testing, please bear with me :-) - Changed: removed device id check at program startup, using device string instead - Changed: the installer won't run if Radeon Pro is running, program must be closed before upgrading or uninstalling Known issues: Auto-updater may fail in some cases 08/20/2010 - New build - Fixed: Random crashes while starting programs - New: the auto-updater now reports when and why a previous update failed 08/19/2010 - New build - Fixed: Adaptive Anti-Aliasing not being correctly displayed after profile switching - Fixed: App Crash dialog after skin download or skin change (the program starts fine thought) - Fixed: program icon gets duplicated after skin change - Changed: the installer now clears the Skins folder at version upgrade time to avoid crashes due to out-of-date skins - New: skins versions are now verified against the minimun version required by the main program, outdated skins can't be used and are deleted - New: new "Check for Skins" button in Skins Dialog - New: new option to uninstall a Skin 08/19/2010 - New build - New: individual profiles can now be temporarily disabled, the program will warn the user when an existing profile have been skipped processing - New: launcher based (Steam, Games for Windows Live) games now can be forced to use another Anti-Aliasing or Crossfire X profile (Open GL is not supported yet) - New: the error reporting dialog now sends (whenever possible) a detailed trace of internal application actions sequence for better error tracking and fixing - Fixed: launching an URL may fail on some systems - Fixed: the program may enter in an infinite load-unload loop if an error occurs in main window initialization and no skin is being used - Fixed: if main mutex cannot be created the program may fail silently - Fixed: if an instance of the program is already running and the program is started again, the program may fail silently if an IPC communication channel cannot be opened - Changed: HD 2000/3000/4000 Series now shows correct Adaptive Anti-Aliasing modes, Performance and Quality instead of Multisampling and Supersampling used by HD 5000 Series - Changed: the program window doesn't flash anymore at startup when it's configured to start mimized - Changed: the online error reporting dialog don't report errors anymore for older builds than the current one to avoid reporting errors already fixed by latest build (the program will inform the user to update the program) - Changed: small tweaks to the Add New Profile Wizard - Changed: Jump Lists now show a bullet near the active monitoring option to indicate current status - Changed: LOD adjustment now can be set to zero to enforce negative LOD clamp (previous builds ignores LOD=0 by removing the entry from registry to emulate driver defaults when LOD is not set) 07/26/2010 - New build - Changed: removed error checking for Reset Video Driver as some users reported errors with new Catalyst 10.7 driver 07/26/2010 - New build - Fixed: Current settings in bottom don't get reverted when Discard changes link is clicked - Fixed: removed delay while applying profiles in some conditions 07/25/2010 - New build - Fixed: several Windows XP cosmetic issues - Fixed: several Windows XP bugs, including high CPU usage bug - Fixed: profiles were not being properly applied in Windows XP and some Windows Vista systems - Fixed: Global settings changing (display only) when program configuration is changed through Settings dialog - Fixed: enforced bounds checking around "Get Settings" and other parts of code to avoid out of bounds errors as reported by users using the error report dialog (thank you guys!

) - Removed: direct overclocking support descontinued, overclock settings in actual profiles will be replaced by a pre-start event script.