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As a result she went back to her native country broke, disgraced and unhappy.She moved in with an old lover who had enough money to help her survive.

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She called herself (translation: "Eye Of Dawn" in Malay language, and one of many names for The Sun) and combined her so-called Indonesian ritual dances with striptease acts.A long series of performances and affairs with rich officers followed.She became a local celebrity, toured around many European cities but when World War I broke out the bank froze her money because she was a foreigner. Selecta parodies Lost on a regular basis ("LOST interest"), using its usual format of grossly exaggerating physical characteristics (usually featuring the standard Bo! The usual targets are: Peter: Boy, that was a great episode of Lost, wasn't it fellas? Statler: Well at least the show's got the right name! Mata Hari (7 August 1876 15 October 1917), born as Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, was a Dutch spy and the most iconic example of a Femme Fatale Spy ever. At age fourteen her mother died and her father went bankrupt.

She went to an all girls' school and after a still-unclarified incident with her teacher she was suspended from school.

Not to mention the even less believable Urban Legend that she attempted stripping when she was in front of the firing squad for her execution, apparently on the belief that no one could shoot a body like hers.

It didn't work, but it's not like she had a better option at that point. Several books, novels, comics, cartoons and films have been devoted to her, many depicting her as a Femme Fatale Spy far more beautiful, intelligent, and seductive than she actually was in Real Life.

It is now thought that the Germans deliberately used her to put the French on the wrong track.

She was eventually Court-Martialed in a trial with a foregone conclusion.

Many sources describe her as a naïve and gullible woman, living in a self-created fantasy world where she imagined herself to actually be the Indonesian exotic dancer she claimed to be in her acts.