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School nudist camp

The combination meant that her perky boobs were mostly visible through her top; and he could almost make out a small patch of trimmed hair in her bottoms.He could feel his cock begin to swell, and was contemplating whether he should ask her for another hand job on the way back.

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As she slid them down her legs she paused, taking little longer than necessary, pretending her bottoms were caught on her sandals, so her dad had a prolonged view of her ass and her puffy little pussy, as it pooched out from between her firm butt cheeks." "Yes, dear." "Well, would it be ok if I ask a question about dad? " "Well, at school they show us text books on what boys look like, you know..." Roger looked a little uncomfortable and glanced at Angela, who gave him a reassuring smile before turning back to Beth. down there, and well dad looks really different from the pictures they show us." "How different?Maybe he could also get her to lose her top and let him play with her tits while she jerked him?But something in the way she stalked off without looking at him, told him he would be more likely to get punched in the balls, if he tried to get anything more from her today.Roger tried to play it cool; but he couldn't help glance at his daughters toned young body as she posed in front of him. Beth straightened up and tossed her bottoms onto her chair, before noticing her dad's empty beer. " "Um, yes, please." She sashayed over to the cooler, swaying her ass as she did, before bending over to get a beer, and giving her dad another display of her naked ass. " She looked 'round, making sure to see if her dad had been checking her out, and delighted to see he had. Thank you, dear," Mom replied with an amused smile.

Beth walked back to her dad, leaning over to hand him his beer before taking her seat again.

Whether it was the fact that she was partly covered by her tiny bikini that made her more alluring, or just the fact that she was smoking hot, was hard to say.

After a few hours of alternately swimming and lying on the shore, both Beth and Kevin were starting to work up appetites.

All characters are over 18 and none of the events described are real.

It is not the intention of the author to condone or encourage incestuous activity, this is a work of erotic fiction and should be seen as such.

We're their parents after all." Roger clearly wasn't happy, but resigned himself to the situation. " Beth leaned forward, looking more closely at her dad's cock, now that she'd been given permission. Do you want our daughter to grow up being confused or not? " Angela allowed Beth to study Roger's cock for a few moments, before sliding his foreskin back down and replacing his heavy member on his leg. " Beth said, desperately trying to invent more questions to give her an excuse to study her dad's cock and balls for longer. Who do you want Beth to come to about the facts of life? We decided we would be open with our children, didn't we? In fact, it's important for men to check them regularly, in case there are any lumps, or they become hard or swollen; as it could mean they have some problem. " "Roger, your daughter is showing a remarkably responsible attitude, wanting to know how to check her future husband for testicular cancer. She was too intent on playing with the huge piece of meat in her hands, sliding the now taut skin over the shaft and onto the head of the giant member.