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Recently the new record mark of 200 million downloads was reached.The downloads are managed by our partner Source Forge .

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In 2017, it will be held on Saturday, February 4, and Sunday, February 5.Please do keep in mind, though, that product pitches are not allowed at FOSDEM.Length of talks should be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes, as we would like to have questions after each presentation, and to fit as many presenters as possible in the schedule.You can get a screen shot of your whole screen at any time by pressing Print Screen. However, if you'd like to do screen shots with GIMP, here's how. Get ready to take the shot, then choose File Screen Shot. For instance, you might want to click on a window, then start a video, or select some text, or something else that can't be done while clicking on the window you want. Also, if you need some time after grabbing the window to do stuff, specify a delay.All users of Apache Open Office 4.1.3 or earlier are advised to upgrade.

Main improvements include: * BZ 119208 Cannot select a different icon set (menu "Tools - Options - View").* BZ 125147 Crash when applying a style to a new text document.* BZ 127176 Different installed Java Runtime Environment cannot be selected (menu "Tools - Options - Java").* BZ 127553 The complete overview is available as list in Bugzilla.

To subscribe you can send an email to: announce-subscribe-AT-openoffice.apache-DOT-org.

Follow Apache Open Office: Twitter Facebook OOGoogle E-mail at PM Oct 19, 2017 by marcus in Over 200 million downloads of Apache Open Office Apache Open Office continues to enjoy the user's valuation.

Announcing Apache Open Office 4.1.4 19 October 2017 - Apache Open Office, the leading Open Source office document productivity suite, announced today Apache Open Office 4.1.4, as usual available in 41 languages for Windows, mac OS and Linux.

Apache Open Office 4.1.4 is a maintenance release incorporating important bug fixes, security fixes, updated dictionaries, and build fixes.

The high demand of the most current release 4.1.3 - that was released in October - is an acknowledgment of the previous work and a great motivation for the future.