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Security exchange not updating

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Our Symantec Mail Security for MS Exchange doesn't seem to be updating the virus definitions through Live Update properly each night.

After you have disabled all update tasks, download and run the Mc Afee Super DAT Executables (XDATs) that only contain DAT File updates and not engine updates.This article describes how to configure MSME 8.0 so that it does not automatically update to the latest Anti-Virus Scanning Engine.This is necessary in some scenarios where you cannot update all servers to the most current Mc Afee Scanning Engine without first completing internal testing or limited deployment.Forefront Security for Exchange Server can be configured to update its file scanners when FSCController starts up.To configure Forefront Security for Exchange Server to update at startup, select the Perform Updates at Startup option in the Scanner Updates section of the General Options work pane.By default, four randomly-selected engines plus the Microsoft Antimalware Engine are chosen.

You can modify the four additional engine selections through the Forefront Server Security Administrator.

If you have installed MSME with an e PO Agent, see the Related Information section for details about configuring the Repositories and Agent update Tasks.

If you have installed MSME on a server with only Virus Scan Enterprise (VSE) 8.xx, you can configure VSE not to update the Engine: For configuring e PO Agent policies and repository contents, see KB77901.

If you are using a proxy server to access the Internet for scanner updates, these scheduled updates will fail.

For information about configuring Forefront Security for Exchange Server to use a proxy server to retrieve updates, see Updating the file scanners through a proxy.

(See Related Information below for information about the configuration of e PO repositories for this scenario).