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Selected value not updating detailsview

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The data source for the DDL comes from a separate table.

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Candidate ID = @Candidate ID)""UPDATE n_Cand Gen set First Name = @First Name, Last Name = @Last Name, Salutation = @Salutation where Candidate ID = @Candidate ID; UPDATE n_Address set country = @Country ID where address ID = (select address ID from n_Candidate where candidate ID = @Candidate ID" Updating a database using a Details View control with a dropdown list control Hi everyone, I have a templated field on a Details View control that displays an integer ID value taken from a database table.So when some one clicks on edit button on the gridview, it actually opens detailsview in the Ajax modal pop up.I have managed to update the details but, what i want to achieve is the values which have been updated and grab the field name and enter in the database which fields have been updated like email, phone etc.I want the control to show the actual content and size of the control when i drag it on to the web form. I am assuming that your rendering is being very specific about runtime? NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Beta In this article, Scott discusses the recently released beta version of Visual Studio 2008 and . The control works fine when i open the page holding the control in the browser. Could you shoot some code for your rendering part of the server control? On one of these 'page' controls, called 'masterinfo.ascx', I have embedded 2 more User Controls:1) facilities_details_read.ascx2) facilities_details_The first just reads some info from a database - the second uses a modal pop-up in which the user can edit the information contained in the first. New Server Control Rendering problem in Vvisual problem.

Hi every one, when i drag and drop my webserver control to the form in it shows a very small resizable bounding box type thing, and doesn't show the actual content and size of the control.

I have a outer details View to allow the insertion of items and this is always set to insertmode when loaded up.

For 1 of the fields i have a combo box bound to a another table where the user can select a text value and they key id is saved.

Mean While Problem is when i am going for updating data it is not Updating.

Problem in Updating Details in Details View Control Hi, This is from Chandrakanth. In that I am updating Details through programatically.

When the user selects a different name from the DDL in edit mode and clicks the Update button the label control becomes blank and the original valu...