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According to the anti-gay and Lesbians group, even though people had the right to choose various sexual orientations and associate with whatever group they desire, the constitution also frowns on the activities of gays and lesbians.Hamid said Ghana as a country is mainly occupied by Christians and Muslims, and the practice should not be embraced, saying it could have dire consequences on the country.

Most of the gays that frequent these night spots are not restrained either in dress or behaviour and definitely seem to be out of the closet, at least whilst they are at these venues.” But Cam has a warning for tourists visiting these venues.“There are no gay clubs in Ghana, as there are in South Africa.Gay life is mostly private and most gay people meet at house parties organised by friends all around the country.” Can told BTM.The group has given indications that it would organize a nationwide protest if no positive response is heard from the government after two months.The Western Regional Police Commander DCOP Mahama Hamidu, who led his team to offer protection to the demonstrators, described the march as peaceful.Receiving the petition on behalf of the President, the Western Regional Minister Paul Evans Aidoo assured the demonstrators that steps would be taken to address their concerns.

The Minster advised the group not to take the law into their own hands by attacking the alleged gays and lesbians in their communities since that would be a breach of the law.

Both these young men are however “crying out” for a loving gay relationship.” So what options are there for young gay and lesbian Ghanaians who wish to organise?

“Quite a few gay Ghanaians are talking about forming Lesbian and Gay Associations and have admired and held South African Gay activists in high esteem over many years.

His mother has told him that she will raise the child as her own.

He is also at peace with his sexuality and accepts himself as a gay young man.

I had, however, communicated by e-mail with a young gay Ghanaian man over the last year.