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It was there that Victim No 1, or V01, met other children in the same straits: two young girls referred to in the UN report as “V02” and “V03,” and a young boy, “V08.” In August 2007, the UN received complaints of “suspicious interactions” between Sri Lankan soldiers and the Haitian children.

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'I heard a huge sound, and then I saw people had fallen everywhere.Some Haitians, including lawyer Mario Joseph, wonder whether the UN has done more harm than good in a country that has endured tragedy after tragedy since it became the first black republic in 1804.“Imagine if the UN was going to the United States and raping children,” Joseph said in Port-au-Prince.Many speak Tamil but the community has largely stayed out of the war.With most communication to the north severed, rebel spokesmen could not be reached for comment.This astonishing sequence of pictures shows the moment a suicide bomber blew himself up behind a crowd of people at a Sri Lankan mosque. While fighting rages in the north, the suicide attacker struck in the southern town of Akuressa as six ministers led a procession toward a mosque for a ceremony to commemorate the Prophet Muhammad's birthday.

Television footage showed men in white robes and caps slowly parading down the street before the blast sent them running in all directions.

As the military has pushed the rebels into an ever-shrinking sliver of territory in the north, human rights and aid groups have voiced concern for the fate of the tens of thousands of civilians trapped in the pocket.

Heavy artillery attacks yesterday killed at least 49 ethnic Tamil civilians and wounded hundreds of others, the top government health official in the war zone said.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa's office said selecting a mosque on an Islamic festival for the attack showed the rebels' 'hatred' of Muslims and strengthened the government's resolve to defeat them.

The government blamed Tamil Tiger separatists for the blast, which wounded 45 other people.

They were covered with blood and flesh, and the wounded people were screaming,' Ahamed Nafri, 29, said by telephone from the hospital in the nearby town of Matara.