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Unable to hold any longer, Harlina stripped down her Baju Kurung and took care of aunty Rohaiyah's other sensitive nipples.She sucked on it hard and wild trying to squeeze as much of aunty Rohaiyah's big boobs into the mouth.

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Harlina sat on the couch with her legs crossed and watched.Aunty Rohaiyah also reached down and caressed aunty Sutinah's big tits.Aunty Sutinah was flicking her tongue over aunty Rohaiyah's thick and sensitive nipples and was flooding her with deep pleasure."Aunty Sutinah now you have to make aunty Rohaiyah horny before I fuck her as you wish" Reymon said stroking his cock."That's lovely I can see both the aunts naked" cooed Harlina.Aunty Rohaiyah was completely naked except for her sandals.

She had a thick pubic hair, even thicker than Harlina's bush.

She rolled it between her fingers and pulled it hard.

The pleasure of getting sucked both her boobs at the same time was driving aunty Rohaiyah crazy and extremely horny.

"Yeah she is very sexy like aunty Sutinah" she smiled and continued "I like to watch you do both of them with your huge cock as you did Suzannah." : And you will love aunty Sutinah's shaved puffy cunt don't you dear? Aunty Rohaiyah stared unabashedly at his cock and her sexy lips parted without her knowledge.

His cock was very thick and hard and hung that of a stallion.

Then, lowering her head slightly and opening her mouth, aunty Sutinah let her tongue trace lightly across the leather of the sandal.