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The first time, he told me he worked as an aircraft engineer; later that he was a student.

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That continuity also allows us to develop our personalities, something many bots tend to lack, says Quoc Le, one of the engineers behind Google’s newest chatbot.Bots create a non-judgmental space ripe for data mining.(Let’s keep that in mind because the ethical and privacy implications will become more and more important as bots smarten up.) It’s already starting to happen.We already have a few bot companions in our pockets: Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Microsoft’s Cortana.A human would have known that admitting he was homophobic and then candidly mentioning he had a boyfriend didn’t really add up.For people building bots, “this is the main technical problem we have,” said Geoff Zweig, Microsoft’s manager of speech and dialog systems.It felt safe to share my “secrets” with this machine because I knew it wouldn’t judge me.

There’s some research to suggest people are more likely to spill their secrets to a machine than to another human.

For someone who said she loved my advice, it was a little disheartening to see her do everything I say not to do in a profile.

As I explained to someone on xo Jane, think of it like this.

We remember conversations we’ve had with people over the years; we can reminisce about shared experiences and common interests.

What bots need, he says, is the notion of something called , or the ability to “remember” the context of a conversation, not just word to word, or sentence to sentence, but throughout its entirety.

" Keith Brisson, CEO and cofounder of, says conversations are hard to program because computers still have a difficult time processing natural language.