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To put it into context, for those outside of the pageant industry, if a school teacher took part in the show, that person would have a level of responsibility they would be expected to uphold because of their role, and are certain they would face similar consequences if they took part in similar actions on National television.For those saying ‘going into Love Island, it’s inevitable that she would have sex', that is not true, it is not a prerequisite of the show that you have sex.

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The Netherlands has incorporated key European Union directives on privacy, such as the Directive on Personal Data, the Data Retention Directive, and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, into its national law.Of course, ideally we would have preferred to let Zara know face to face, but as we are allowed no contact with her whilst she is in the villa, this was taken out of our hands.Zara could potentially be in the show for another 3 or 4 weeks, we could not leave this amount of time before making an announcement.Miss Great Britain Zara Holland is appearing on the latest series of Love Island, and no doubt the swimwear round of the beauty pageant prepared her for wearing itsy bitsy bikinis!Here she is at an event looking flawless in a coral-coloured gown, which features a mesh panel plunge neck and gold crystal embellishment around the waist.We fully understand people’s feelings regarding this.

But we had to act quickly with our statement as the press were already made aware of the decision and were going live.

Whilst we fully expect Zara to be upset when she learns of our decision, she also knows the pageant industry well and we’re confident she will completely understand why we have taken this course of action in time.

Zara is not going to be erased from our history, she will always be one of our winners, but her reign has been cut short at this time and we will be standing by our decision.

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'We feel it important to explain that we have no problem at all with sex and our contestants/winners being sexually active and exploring their sexuality with another consensual adult,' they told Mail Online'To put it into context...

The Dutch Data Protection Authority is a key agency involved in the protection of personal data, but two other agencies play a role in supervising telecommunications service providers and the telecom market.