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Its a really horrible and scary time, (make sure you have someone to support you through it), and there are no definate answers till the doctors do the tests they need to, but I do hope everything works out okay for you.

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Although my GP said that those markers could mean anything ??!!So I've linked some information that we have on our Cancer Help site for you about Cervical cancer screening.You may find some of the information there useful in answering the questions you have.I went to see my GP 10 days ago, with symptoms of bleeding every day for the last 7 weeks, clots, low back pain (last 3 weeks) and on the last proper period i was kept awake all night with pains down my right leg, which is what led me to contacting my GP.She asked to see me straight away, did a smear, took full set of bloods and an urgent referral for a pelvic ultra sound.Ive suffered from heavy periods all my life, yet 7 months ago i started experiencing large clots, also i started suffereing from fizzing/numbness constantly in my right leg, and constant lower dull back pain, along with bleeding inbetween my periods.

I 'googled' these and found they are all symptoms of advanced cervical cancer !!!!

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When I did get my colposcopy they scraped the abnormal cells from my cervix under local anaesthetic (not as scary as it sounds, it only took 5 minutes or so) and I had another wait to hear the results of the tissue they sent away at that point.