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She wasn't "out" in any sense of the word, but she knew she preferred the company of her friends to dating boys.

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Williams says by the time a case gets to them, the damage is done and all they can do is react to it.Teach kids not to accept friend requests or messages from people they don't know, and they should never send any kind of intimate photo online.Kik's head of privacy Heather Galt released the following statement:"User safety is extremely important to Kik.Nancy Lynchild's grave at Willamette National Cemetery, when it is dug, will seal a marriage while setting a national first. The burial of Lynchild's ashes at the military cemetery will be the nation's first of a veteran's same-sex spouse.And it will provide a public expression of a life that retired Air Force Lt. Eric Shinseki, the secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, which administers national cemeteries, personally approved a waiver of VA policy to permit the burial. 29, more than a month after Lynchild died, while Campbell agonized about funeral arrangements.Users can report spam directly from the chat and user profile pages.

And when it comes to hidden apps, Kik says there are many hundreds of web apps on Kik, the vast majority of which are not about chatting with strangers. 19 Action News Consumer Reporter Danielle Serino recommends Skype or Apple's messages because parents have more supervision.

Even if a parent has blocked app purchases, these aren't covered.

The hidden apps are designed for adults and can include pornography, and most of them are "chat with strangers" apps.

Kik's website says it cooperates with law enforcement and it sponsors the annual Crimes Against Children National Conference.

Kik says when it comes to approaches by strangers, all messages from strangers go into a "new chats" channel and are automatically blurred.

Police say anytime communication is anonymous, there is potential for trouble.