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If the two partners cannot handle the situation themselves, then they may need to seek professional help.https:// If a person relies on pornography at the expense of the emotional or physical relationship with their partner, this would seem to be a deeper problem.

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Men will many times rationalize their interest by telling themselves that it is a good way to overcome loneliness.For many couples, the use of erotic images can be a way of enhancing a sexual relationship. While this is true, there is a definite difference between the healthy viewing of pornography and a secretive and compulsive one.It is similar to the moderate use of alcohol and its excessive use.Psychologists say that the compulsive viewing of cyber-pornography has a recognizable behavior pattern that is similar to other addictions.This includes a pattern of uncontrolled sexual behavior and mood changes related to sexual activity.This is particularly the case when both partners in a relationship give consent to each other.

When one partner keeps it a secret, the other partner can feel deceived and betrayed.

What is a piece of good advice is that a person should focus on how it affects the relationship rather than address the moral issues surrounding the viewing of pornography.

The moral issues are best left to the individual to determine what is right and what is wrong.

It seems to be a problem that is much more common in men than in women.

Typically speaking, men view the use of pornography as a harmless involvement.

Many times, the person feels ashamed or out of control.