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frequently visited Hetrick in her classroom around this same period of time.

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The company, which has partnered with Illinois-based Cresco Labs, will cultivate its crop in the town of Brookville. Brookville had a policy prohibiting teachers from using their personal vehicles to transport students except where specifically permitted by a policy promulgated by the School Board. to and from the Young Men's Christian Association ("YMCA") in Brookville, where K. a text message inquiring as to how the game had gone. E.'s cellular telephone number to send the message. The number had been given to Hetrick by Shaffer earlier that day. proceeded to play music on her drums with Hetrick present.

and Hetrick frequently "embraced" and "kissed" each other in Hetrick's classroom.

Lisa DOUGLAS, individually and as the parent and natural guardian of K. BROOKVILLE AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT; Sandra Craft, Superintendent of the Brookville Area School District; and Karin Hetrick, Defendants. Breth , Dillon, Mc Candless, King, Coulter & Graham, Butler, PA, Robbie M. Karin Hetrick ("Hetrick"), a female, was a mathematics teacher and girls' softball coach at Brookville.

Taylor , The Taylor Law Firm, Brookville, PA, Blair H. Before the Court for disposition are the Plaintiff's MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT (ECF No.

Hetrick's daughter, Brynna Hetrick ("Brynna"), was a senior at Brookville and one of Shaffer's best friends.

was in a trigonometry class taught by Hetrick during the first semester of her sophomore year.

The company can now begin to accept seeds and plant clones.