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I did not blow, and i told officer reason for me not blowing is that i know that if one passes on sobriety test, u cannot give the other, and i did not fail that test.he said prove me wrong, I said i dont need to prove you wrong, i know the law, you should have asked me to blow first, and i been more than happy too.

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I don't want to be caught in a traffic jam and not be able to open the store.'Tens of thousands of people - estimates reach 100,000 people from as far as Japan and South Africa - will watch the eclipse from the area, and that has communities small and large bracing for an influx that could put a strain on resources and infrastructure.The charges were a result of a toxic relationship from his past. First one she bailed him out next day and second, she tried but didn't have enough money. Just last week, he got pulled over driving without a license and they took him back to J Reuben. On Horry County arrests web page, it says his charges are disposed.How long will they keep him in jail for violating his GPS for driving without license?? Ive been emailing and calling his public defender, the solicitor and Home detention nonstop but no one has a straight up answer for me. At age 52 went through bad depression, ended up receiving 3 DUI went and got the help I needed, been sober for three years and have a restored relationship with my lord and saviour.But, if somehow we overprepare and we're underwhelmed by the crowd size, that's a big concern for me.'Preparations outside Hopkinsville extend well into rural Christian County.The city has asked Gov Matt Bevin to station National Guard troops on some of the county's two-lane roads to help control traffic.So, I called my insurance company this morning to figure things out with getting a rental car since my car has to be repaired. On the police report it says that I wasn’t at fault. I also found out this wasn’t her first DUI she has gotten arrested for.

While I was on the phone I gave a recorded statement to my insurance company before I got a personal injury lawyer. My boyfriend has CDV charges, as well as resisting arrest/assault to a police officer. A condition of his release was to be put on GPS monitoring for 90 days. He was working at least 6 days a week and staying out of trouble...

It provides a unique, scientific experience for eclipse chasers from all over the world,' Hopkinsville mayor Carter Hendricks said.

'They're excited that Hopkinsville is on the international map.

Totality will cross the US from west to east, beginning at Lincoln Beach, Oregon, where totality will occur at 10.16am (PDT).

It will cross the US over roughly an hour and a half, passing through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and North and South Carolina.

woke up, judge came in and said i want to see u in here november, youll be out shortly.