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The season chronicled Leslie facing the recall vote from City Council, Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) and Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe)'s move to Michigan to start their family, Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt)'s career in London, and the city merger of Eagleton and Pawnee, resulting in the Unity Concert organized by Leslie.

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Meanwhile, Chris tries to learn parenting techniques from a reluctant Ron, who is really just showing him how to build a crib.Ben and Tom try to get sponsors for the Pawnee/Eagleton unity concert and Tom ends up getting an investment offer for one of his ideas; Leslie tries to tear down the wall dividing the two towns, only to release bees, causing Jamm to propose a secede bill; Leslie also gets an offer to run a new National Parks office out of Chicago.Meanwhile, Ron begins to bring his newborn son, John, to the office, as he rebuilds an abandoned floor in Town Hall.Pratt made a brief return in the sixth episode, with Schur adding that Pratt would return to the series in the tenth episode, the series' 100th episode.In February 2014, NBC announced a digital tie-in for the show, titled "The Hapley Group", which aired on February 20.Leslie pairs the Pawnee Parks Department with their Eagleton counterparts, however, none of them seem to get along.

Jerry (now known as Larry) comes out of retirement to become the Parks' department filer.

Created "to help viewers remain engaged with their favorite programs" while NBC broadcasts the 2014 Winter Olympics, it featured Jay Jackson, Matt Besser, Nick Kroll and Mo Collins reprising their roles as Perd Hapley, Crazy Ira, The Douche, and Joan Callamezzo, respectively, with Seth Morris as Mike Patterson, a new character who recurred on the TV show as well.

Diane tells Ron that she's pregnant, Ron proposes, and they get married in the municipal building.

Elsewhere, Tom tries to impress someone who stops by the Parks Department by making her simple request take extra long, and Ron meets with a lawyer to craft his last will.

Andy returns briefly from London, while Ron takes Donna hunting after failing at a computer version.

Elsewhere, Donna gets upset with April for choosing spirit dogs for the department, and choosing hers under basic explanations.