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He went on: "She told me she hated Sgt Gavaghan, and he had ordered her to go down to the room. "He went to the papers for some financial gain." Francesca Whitelaw, also for the Mo D, added: "You were the one who made the leap that she was ordered to have sex.It obviously meant she had to sleep with Atkinson, although she did not mention sex.” Mr Beards said he told Pte James “The only person who can decide what to do with the rest of your life is you.” He went on: “And the next morning, she was dead." Mr Beards, who left the Army the following year, confronted his friend the next morning. I'm going to suggest that's a complete fabrication by you.” Mr Beards said he would be happy to take a lie detector test.

Her mother tried to make her join a convent because she was remaining a spinster.Queen Charlotte wanted to see their cottage and persuaded the King to grant them a pension. Butler and Ponsonby lived together for the rest of their lives, over 50 years.Their books and glassware carried both sets of initials and their letters were jointly signed.But not many of us will know the actual story of Lady Eleanor Charlotte Butler and the Honourable Sarah Ponsonby, the two ladies in question.These two upper class women lived together for many years outside Llangollen and, despite their desire only for a peaceful and untroubled existence became, by the early years of the 19th century, something of a tourist attraction for the little north Wales town.Putting their plan into motion, they undertook a picturesque tour of the Welsh countryside, eventually settling in North Wales.

Living first in a rented home in the village of Llangollen, they moved in 1780 to a small cottage just outside the village they called Plas Newydd or "new mansion".

Sarah Ponsonby (1755 – 9 December 1831) lived with relatives in Woodstock, County Kilkenny, Ireland.

She was a second cousin of Frederick Ponsonby, 3rd Earl of Bessborough, and thus a second cousin once removed of his daughter Lady Caroline Lamb.

Their families lived two miles (3 km) from each other. Over the years they formulated a plan for a private rural retreat.

It was their dream to live an unconventional life together.

After a couple of years, their life attracted the interest of the outside world.