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Anyway, so as to yield to the rambling of a windy corrections editor (below) I’ll get to the point: This month we’ve not covered potential President Forbes and his association with a PR firm that made the fish stick great again.We have ignored the innovative Liposuction Bill now pending in the Senate. Our staff missed Hillary’s last speech in Brooklyn Heights, forgot to look in on Bernie’s candidacy, missed a chance to photograph a 350-pound man on a full-dress race moped in Placerville, and still hasn’t reached agreement on who or what will be the next governor of Texas.

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Back in May a woman in Bilbao sent us a humorous Basque Valentine.Nonetheless, it’s vital that we keep a realistic view as to our relative importance in this world and not become disconsolate at what we see in the cosmic binoculars.Why just the other day I spent the entire afternoon watching ants trek across the driveway swept away by the knowledge that they were not watching me. While traveling various designated scenic routes (were these same pathways sordid dumps before the feds came in with their signs?Just last night a frantic river rafter called from the Nile.She was all wet and needed a towel which we sent immediately. As with all newer endeavors we need the support of readers like you who enjoy this kind of tepid balderdash, this barking up the family tree, this adverbial tempo, this inconsequential endorsement of what is sacred and what is silly. Failed comedians, rascal politicians, self-proclaimed celebrities and the opinionated moron next door appearing inside these pages fly Excelsior Airlines, The Airlines Without Chairs, in return for dumpster donuts, casual sex and free wedding announcements.One advantage of this blind focus is that I can write whatever I want in this column.

I can jot down total nonsense and potential readers won’t be too critical albeit there are a few out there (like our enlightened advertisers) who scan these pages with alacrity, celerity, not in search of literary stimulation but for typos and subliminal ink spots.

Another fine product from Musick’s Bad Tuna Aftershave, olfactory gatherers and makers of perfumes, lotions & aperitifs since moments before the storming of the Bastille.

I’m here to warn you about the dangers of solar terrorism!

Dear Pea Green Answer Man How did red tape originate?

Bozo, CB Dear Bozo Red tape, as the popular name for official and legal formality and’ delay, originated in England during the eighteenth century and arose from the custom of tying documents in red tape.

Retroactive price increases for which we billed subscribers last month are solely for the purpose of keeping this newspaper out of the hands of children.