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It is common to see someone who just passed out being evacuated by security.In those Vietnamese clubs, you will notice that bouncers provide often over the top service.

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Of course, they expect generous tips for their services.Ideally, you should prepare a few weeks in advance, talk with your favorites over skype, and plan a date with the ones that are both pretty and open-minded.As I wrote below, Vietnamese girls are not easy so it takes some time to find a hot one that won't ask for 20 dates before considering kissing you.There is also a special website for Vietnamese girls who want to meet foreigners, it is called Vietnam Cupid. The biggest problem you will face in Saigon when it comes to party is that many hotel will not accept any female guest in your room unless you are already married.Girls you will talk to on this website do not expect you to be located in Vietnam so they are rather easy to approach. They are very strict with it, especially Government-run hotels. I think you should not be shy to ask directly to the hotel their policy about guests.You can read my guide about the 25 Best Massage Parlours in Saigon.

It contains a list of guest-friendly hotels with "happy ending" spas inside.

The number of stunners (perfect 10 girls) is very high (you can see some photos from the girls inside 02 Gold at the bottom of this review).

I recommend only if you are comfortable being in a 100% Vietnamese environment.

Note that Ho Chi Minh City can also be called Saigon, HCM or HCMC.

I will also give more general nightlife tips for clubbing and having fun in Vietnam.

Vietnamese really know how to party so you will find a hell of an atmosphere in those places, with many drunk and stoned people going mental.