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Sex mom chatroom

A user named “Rita36” sent the detective messages asking about her “children” and their experience with sexual acts.“Rita” reportedly said she was into sex with young girls and asked the detective, “…if I wanted to ‘get rid of [my] 9 yr old for a week or so?

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I work full time, love my career, and own the house we live in.Bottom line: as parents, it's our responsibility to protect our children from the many risks they face in today's toxic culture.Our recommendation is that you become intentional about that and implement a specific plan designed to set up a hedge around your daughter's innocence.I've read some of the teen conversations on the sites my daughter wants to visit, and they seem relatively harmless. While the Internet can be a wonderful educational and communication tool, it can also be a dangerous place for unsuspecting young teens.But I'm still afraid of losing control over my child's interactions with her peers. According to a Congressional report, one out of five kids has been solicited online for sex, usually by someone they met in a chat room or through instant messaging.’” When the detective, still posing as the children’s mother, replied and said she was in Salt Lake City, “Rita” replied and said her boyfriend is a truck driver who would be driving through Salt Lake City via California and wanted to stop for a visit.

The officer told “Rita” the charge was $100 for two hours and $200 for a night with the fictitious 9-year-old girl, and the woman then suggested her boyfriend, “Skip”, should meet the mother at a truck stop in Salt Lake City.

Make her aware of some of the more unsavory situations that can unfold on the Internet - for example, how the guy she talks to in a chat room who to be a cute 16-year-old boy might actually be a 55-year-old convicted sex offender.

Once you've had this discussion, tell her that, in order to ensure her safety, you're going to be setting up some new guidelines for using the Web. Here at Focus on the Family, we take the view that parents should never, ever allow a child to have a computer with Internet access in his or her private bedroom. If this is the situation in your household, you're going to need to make some changes.

The man described what he would be wearing and arranged for the meeting, and he asked if the “mother” had told her “daughter” about the meeting.

The detective replied, “ I said I had told her there was a special visitor coming and that he would be bringing a gift, which he said he would pick up at the truck stop.” During the exchange, “Skip” allegedly told the officer in graphic detail what he wanted to do with the child and have her to do him, including oral sex acts and others.

“Rita” sent a photo of “Skip” through the chatroom and, also asked for graphic details regarding the fictitious child’s experience with sexual acts.