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Okay, schau ich einen Porno", erinnert sich Cody aus Unterensingen.

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Either way, his love of cityscapes and of moral ambiguity have combined for a signature style that's as compelling as it is technically proficient: gritty, atmospheric establishing shots paired with intricately crosscut sequences that turn subtext into art.It seems as though directors from Chicago are particularly keen on shooting urban environments. The directors who grew up in the suburbs make comedies. But you seem to have a singular appreciation for a beautiful city.There's a romance to those black streets at night, wet and rainy, and the El tracks above them.In , I wanted to bring you into the interior of a world and have it look like it really looked—as crisp and edgy as it would have been in real life.I didn't want to look at it through the lens of nostalgia.The one license we took is we made them be two different colors.?

I worked with a number of composers on this one because I wanted different things from different people. The film is an adventure of a narrative, and the story changes radically about three times, so there are very different conditions emotionally. So Atticus Ross does one thing, Harry Gregson-Williams does another thing, Ryan Amon does another thing, and then Mike Dean does something else.

Or the really cold winter days when there's not a cloud in the sky—dry and clean.

Die #No Fap-Organisation ist schon 2011 in den USA gestartet.

For his latest, January's , the master of palette trains his lens (and pen) on international hackers—and our growing fears of cybercrime. It's as if there's an invisible exoskeleton of data that we're swimming around in, and everything is connected to everything else.

WIRED sat down with the 71-year-old writer-director at his LA office to find out how he manages to never go out of style. The technocrats think every little can opener is going to change the way we live our lives, which is nonsense. If you are a blackhat hacker, why do you do what you do? You could spend six hours gaming and it feels like 20 minutes went by, but the outcome is in a domain of fantasy. I'm much more interested in revelations about Russian hackers.

Mike Dean is Kanye West's keyboardist and producer—a very talented guy.