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It is jam packed with activities, as well as detailed directions and ideas to keep the day moving along smoothly.

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This kit includes everything you need to have a successful AND fun first day with your kinders.I think you will find it very helpful and able to put your time and energy elsewhere (setting up your room, collaborating with colleagues, blog stalking, etc!) once you know that your first day of school is all planned and ready to go. ) and pulling on their ears (can't be touching anything). No matter how many years I have been doing this teaching kindergarten thing, I STILL get nervous planning and making sure I have everything all set and ready to go for the first day of school I thought I'd share some tips to help make your planning easier and make your first day back to school as smooth as it possibly can be: I got thinking about how nervous I was about planning my first day of kindergarten back at the beginning of my career (WAY more nervous than I am now! " and students respond by blowing out their cheeks (can't talk!Our platform let’s you access us at one touch of a button Australia and worldwide.

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It is just so hard to believe,shocking and devastating. Yes she was in my batch though its been years we haven't met but ofcourse I remember the memories during the pageant days. She was always full of life and would be smiling every time you saw her.

She was the happiest person I've ever met and such a good friend. She was very talented and was doing very well in her career. Extending deep and heartfelt condolence to her family. Very intelligent and well spoken, I loved her as a person and we were in touch after the pageant.

May her soul rest in peace she will always be warm in everyone's heart. I cannot even imagine what they must be going through at this moment.