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Two obstetricians move quickly through the first layers of skin, fat, and tissue, cauterizing the incision to prevent excessive bleeding. The doctor will guide your baby's head out of the c-section opening. You may have to wait a few minutes to hold your baby because first she'll be taken by a neonatal nurse to get cleaned, weighed, and examined from head to toe. The placental sac, which has been Zuniyah's home for 37 weeks, is delivered.

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Some examples include high blood pressure, placenta previa, heart disease, and active herpes, among others.To prepare you for your c-section and help prevent infection, a hospital staff member may shave you. The lower half of your abdomen will be cleaned and swabbed with an antimicrobial solution of iodine. Most hospitals allow your partner in the operating room as long as he stays at your side and wears a clean gown and mask. Narrator: Once it's clear you can't feel pain, the operation will begin.[Accessed October 2016]Nemours Foundation. Narrator: Your baby's nose and mouth are suctioned, often before being fully delivered. Next a variety of sutures (most of which dissolve) and/or staples may be used to close the incision. It's normal for it to take 30 to 40 minutes to stitch the uterus and the abdomen back together. Alyson: I definitely could feel when they actually pulled her out. The last step, sometimes handled in the recovery room, is removing the epidural. Narrator: Today, most c-section mothers will stay in the hospital for three days to be monitored carefully for complications or infections, and to regain strength post-surgery. So it's important to be familiar with your birthing options before the big day.

Today, more than one third of all American women deliver their babies by cesarean section.

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As with any surgery, there are risks to c-sections that you should discuss with your doctor.

On the whole, though, a c-section performed by a trained professional is a safe way to deliver a baby.

Narrator: Learning you'll be having a c-section may seem both disappointing and frightening.