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Since then we have progressed happily along the challenging nine months that is a pregnancy, learning a lot and growing together as a couple.Professionally I am a women’s health or pelvic floor physiotherapist.

This project aims to develop a program in collaboration with the Australian Breastfeeding Association on breastfeeding basics and tutorials using the latest wearable technology from Google.I’m very fortunate that I have my maternal health care nurse located only a couple of blocks away, but not everybody is as lucky as me.If Glass can be used to support new mums in remote or rural areas in the future, then I’ll be honoured to have been included in the early stage of the trial. My name is Lauren Clarke and I am a first time mum due on February 24th 2014.I had a gut feeling I was pregnant but it took a lot of convincing to get Nick to ask for a pregnancy test in Spanish (I barely speak a word! Being my impatient self the moment we purchased the test we immediately headed to a local cafe for coffee and cake and much to Nick’s disgust I completed it in their tiny bathroom only to then realise that all the instructions were in Spanish.We summed up that the ‘ ’ and the word ’embarazadas’ meant a positive test finding!I know how important breastfeeding is to my baby, and I want to give him/her the best start I possibly can.

The slightly selfish reason for taking part is my passion for new technology and seeing how it can be used in innovative ways.

Prior to taking maternity leave, I have been a contract IT Project Manager for many years – or in other words, a professional bossy boots.

My focus has been on Infrastructure, Security and Risk projects throughout the Asia Pacific region, and within Financial Services.

It’s fast paced, challenging, difficult, confusing and time consuming.

But it is most definitely rewarding, and I know that some of the skills I’ve learnt on the professional job will translate to being a mum.

Today, families are spread all around the globe, and quite often the family support women have relied on for generations simply isn’t available.