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It's perfectly normal to be attracted to others and to feel flattered by their attention -- but if you value your marriage, you pass on other potential mates, the same way as if you value your svelte figure, you pass on doughnuts. And I won't even go into the obesity epidemic sweeping the U. If you are in a marriage and in a supposed bond with your soulmate i dont understand how you would look at anyone whos attractive and has a nice personality as anything more then a friend regardless.. But I have never, ever hit on a woman since I have been married, and she knows I never will. I think there is more to most affairs than just temptation or boredom.By the fact that such a large number of people get involved in affairs tells me that people can not resist the temptation of someone who has sex appeal and seems so much more interesting than the boring spouse you currently have.Well, my wife is many things, some great, some not so great, but she is not boring.And my experience just being connected with the gay community is that men who identify as straight but have sex with other men is much more common than many realize.But it's difficult to get hard data on it because people aren't willing to talk about it.No but I have heard of sad stories, especially since NYC is the mecca of HIV/Aids on the east coast for America. She even told me she wanted to commit suicide and attempted to. From what I heard is that her ex man still sleeps around with women even though he knows he has the HIV virus. This man used to constantly sleep around with women in the area right behind his wife's back.

Some how he picked up the HIV virus and gave it to his wife. Again both men only slept around with women and picked up the virus!

I'm not saying it's impossible or to not play it safe, but i think the fear-mongering has got out of hand about Aids for the straight male.

I'm gonna go ahead and flag this thread as hate speech, though if it doesn't get taken down right away I might look up some stats for you.

Maybe I am just one of the lucky percentage of people that really found "the one" and can't see anyone else as attractive.

I wouldn't say I will never be attracted to another man, but my marriage and commitment means more. Everyone has experienced this dilemma some time in their lives.

And I am not saying that I haven't thought about what it might be like to pursue some of the women I have been attracted to. Also, it's pretty easy for me to stay faithful since I get the impression that the women I am attracted to are not attracted to me.