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I was just trying to be respectful of his roommate." Ravi’s father shook his head at the word “uncomfortable." On Thursday, the former captain of a Rutgers Ultimate Frisbee team said Ravi had discussed Clementi possibly being gay and said Ravi "appeared uncomfortable with the situation." Altman asked M. if he and Clementi had spoken about meeting somewhere other than the dorm. if he closed the blinds during their encounters, M. said he couldn’t recall if the blinds were open or closed, but he assumed they were closed, along with the windows. responded to a message Clementi sent for a planned meeting later that night. sent another text, again answering Clementi’s message. “It was just a quick hi,” he said of Ravi’s reaction. I wasn’t really studying his looks.” Altman questioned M. about those initial minutes in Clementi’s room on Sept.

said when he entered Clementi’s room, “I didn’t see the web cam on top of the computer,” referring to the camera attached to the top of Ravi’s desktop computer. "I just didn’t want his roommate to have trouble with two gay men in the room that he shares,” M. 16, after their first sexual encounter, he left Clementi’s room well before 2 a.m., because he knew Ravi was coming back at that time. Mischa Barton's ex popped the question to model Barbara Stoyanoff about a month ago and plan to tie the knot in February. [, which samples The Virgin's song, is a funky, breezy ode to the kind of ladies they wanna make sexy time with. Apparently, Corey told Dominick and others that the alum sodomized the child star while the twosome were filming the 1986 flick. Thankfully, Brascia has gone on the record to share what Corey told him about the assault. And then CLICK HERE to listen to more songs from Shwayze. Related: Corey Feldman Names One Of His Sexual Abusers This shocking revelation comes thanks to one of Haim's longtime friends, actor Dominick Brascia. 19, three days after his initial visit to the room, and Ravi was there.

said he drove to Clementi’s Davidson Hall dorm room on Sept.

I gave him enough respect that a stranger gives another stranger," M.

repeated what he said earlier in the day on direct examination, that Ravi was laying in his bed when M.

Ravi is not charged in connection with Clementi’s death. And while Pompelio said his client is “not scruffy and he’s not old," M. The judge has banned the defense from asking about M. Clean-shaven and wearing a blue button-up shirt and black pants, M. appeared apprehensive at 9 a.m., when he first entered the courtroom, which was packed with media. and Clementi met on, a social web site, at the end of August 2010.

19, when Ravi turned on his webcam from a friend’s laptop. 22, 2010, by jumping off the George Washington Bridge after the alleged spying was uncovered, sparking worldwide dialogue on cyber-bullying and harassment of gay teenagers. “There will be a lot of people knocking on his door, continuing to invade his privacy." Through testimony and comments by Pompelio, some details about M. have emerged: He is unmarried and 32 years old, having met Clementi at age 30. 19, he was not clean-shaven and came directly from work.

said he left Clementi’s dorm room on the night of Sept. said he intended to see Clementi again but was "uneasy" about returning to the dorm.