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Presenting our Sexy Singles All-Stars (left to right): Donavan S.

We've been naming the city's Sexiest Singles for 12 years now. This year's hot Sexy Singles coverage starts Monday and continues daily through Thursday.We've listed their names and their updated deets here in the same sexy order as our All-Stars appear in the photo (working from left to right).And, yes, we've included up-to-date contact information.Unless otherwise specified, all percentages are from the Elite Singles 'Books' survey, 2017 and the 'Bookshelf' survey, 2015.Data collected from two groups of 8 singles; participants from Canada, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.This gal-about-town is dating a guy she met last summer in Avalon, N. "He bought me a shot and I guess it worked." Email: [email protected]: Twitter: @jennybentley Instagram:@jennifersherlock Pax Tandon Sexy Singles Class of 2014 A Fitler Square resident, Pax Tandon continues to grow her wellness business while remaining "single and selective." Twitter: @Pax Tandon Instagram: @Pax Tandon Email: [email protected]:

Michael Belh Sexy Singles Class of 2008 They didn't have teachers like this in my high school.

Considering the current world climate, this result seems particularly interesting.

What’s more, the second book in the running, as selected by a further third of participants, is George Orwell’s dystopian political commentary 1984.

Here’s the top ten in full: Other books that fared well in the survey include Moby Dick by Herman Melville, On The Road by Jack Kerouac, and Maya Angelou’s semi-autobiographical I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.

The singles surveyed clearly express a penchant for explorative, bold literature, with clear social implications.

(If you miss an issue, don't worry: just log onto for additional photos and videos.) As an added attraction, we called back a dozen standouts from previous years who do sexy better than just about anybody else.