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Shawn white dating

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BAR REFAELI'S SEXIEST MOMENTS Their closeness was on display at the Olympics, where Refaeli can be seen with her hand on White’s shoulder in a photo he tweeted from the stands. There is one non-negotiable when it comes to dating her, the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit covergirl revealed. He has to have a great smile and really white, bright teeth,” she said.

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Now, we have to wonder if White's alleged girlfriend, super hot model Bar Refaeli, is at all involved in the mess.It's unclear if they're still together, or ever dated at all, but they've at least got to be close friends.White reportedly was arrested in the wee hours of Sunday morning after trashing his room in a drunken stupor.He was having a lot of girlfriends in past, last time he was in romantic relation with modern celebrity known to be .From four years he has been dating this beautiful lady.He was reportedly then confronted by the hotel staff, then he pulled a few fire alarms then took off running. He was apparently arrested for public intoxication and vandalism and was taken to jail after being treated.

His mugshot shows a black eye, indicating there was some sort of altercation.

Shaun White became the majority shareholder of the iconic, global Air Style festival in 2014 with the mission of growing the sport of snowboarding and the culture that surrounds it through physical events and digital content.

With multiple stops across the globe, Air Style is an annual snowboard and music festival that has seen some of the most groundbreaking riding in history, as well as musical performances from Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Flume, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Haim, and many more.

After a decade of designing youth clothing for Target, Shaun launched his mens’ line, WHT Space, through Macy’s.

Shaun wanted to create something more representative of who he had grow up to be, something different. "There are so many situations where people don’t get introduced to snowboarding in the right way and they never come back to it." As a massive reinvestment into the sport that made him famous, Shaun White secured a deal in 2016 to own a percentage of legendary Southern California ski resort Mammoth Mountain—including the resorts he grew up riding, Bear Mountain and Snow Summit.

They have been making many of the public appearances.