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If you wear a revealing outfit then expect people to take pictures.There not all gonna take pictures because they know the series they might just like your hot bod.

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If they don't, there really isn't any excuse for him to be asking for your photo.[/quote] So it's not acceptable for someone to want your picture simply because they find you beautiful? [quote=Shinden] If you do feel a person touch you, GRAB HIS HAND, and keep it where he touched you, and yell for help. Yes, abuse is a serious subject, and it is something that we ALL take very seriously on staff.If you dont feel comfortable with a certain person having your picture say no.But dont say your not asking for the attention if you decide to where skimpy clothing like lets says Rikku from ff10.If you don't, then, well, still read over them either way.1: [color:purple]If someone asks to take a picture of you in the hall, and you are wearing an [color:red]overly revealing outfit[/color], ask that person if they know who your character is.[/color] If they don't, there really isn't any excuse for him to be asking for your photo. I just know who it is, but I can't thiiink of the naaame..." Not to say that these can't be legitimate excuses, just exercise caution after any of them.Either way it was a very uncomfortable situation for me cuz im a shy quiet kinda person, one thats not best at telling people off like i should.

After that i never felt comfortable wearing a revealing cosplay, which sucks cuz you should feel safe and not have to worry about this kinda stuff there. please change the yellow into a better color and im sorry i dont really agree with some of this.

[color:purple]If you do feel a person touch you, [color:red]GRAB HIS HAND[/color], and keep it where he touched you, and yell for help.[/color] This is the only way you can prove that he (or she) touched you, and will definitely help security, staff or police reach a conclusive decision for action.

This is sort of lifted from the MBTA tip and the tips given by the Tokyo Metro. 7: [color:purple]Avoid being invited to [color:red]vacant[/color], [color:red]unpopulated[/color], or [color:red]private areas[/color] under any circumstances.[/color] For instance, the photographer taking photos of you for a photo op wants to go to, say, an area with less people that is under construction or a darker area, or a hotel room, even yours.

4: [color:purple]At photo ops, pay attention to w[color:red]ho is photographing you[/color] and at [color:red]what angle[/color].[/color] The guy off to the side in a Hot Topic t-shirt and a camera phone? Also the guy hovering on the stairs underneath you when you're wearing a sailor skirt?

He's a total creeper, so change areas or keep an eye on him.

Anyway, ive ran into some pretty creepy guys, trying to take my picture.