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Shure microphone serial number dating

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Hello Craig, Thank you very much for the above information.It helped me place a just acquired Model 55S "Small Unidyne".

When introduced it came in three types: the 55A, optimized for 35-50 ohm low impedance; the 55B, built for 200-250 ohm systems; and the 55C, designed for use with high impedance equipment.One cannot learn about microphones without reading about the Shure SM57 and SM58 at some point. It has been on every US President’s lectern since 1965.While not the greatest microphones on the market, they have been around for decades and are known for their durability, reliability, and affordability. While marketed as an instrument microphone, it can be used for vocals.While the inner workings were periodically upgraded to improve sound quality, the most visible change was to the material lining the housing behind the grill.The silk lining material started as reddish-brown, then was changed to blue silk, and then to black silk, with later models switching from silk to black or blue foam.I had wanted a Model 55 ever since I started playing music, and found my first one at a swap meet several years ago.

This early 1940s Fatboy 55C had been used with a ham radio rig and was considered too dated and bulky by the previous owner.

In 1951, a smaller 55 hit the market, offering improved isolation of the cartridge and a wider frequency response. The head shape of the smaller 55 has remained the same, but the base eventually changed to a more modern design with a built-in XLR connector.

It was available as the 55S standard and the 556 shock mount broadcast version. By the way, the larger model is commonly referred to as the “Fatboy” while the smaller model picked up the moniker of the “Elvis” microphone, memorialized on a commemorative postage stamp (with “The King”) that was issued by the U. (Earlier models had used the three pin Amphenol-type connector.) By the late 1970s, the multi-impedance switch was gone, with only a low-impedance version available.

Ask any person on the planet to think of a vintage microphone, and the Shure Model 55 is what probably comes to mind.

This iconic mic was introduced in 1939, and two models that sport the distinctive box shape are still in the Shure catalog.

This dates, based on my recollection from Junior High School, to 1953/54.