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According to the most recent federal data, there are currently more than 400,000 children in foster care in the United States.They range in age from infants to 21 years old (in some states).

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Our hotline counselors are dedicated to providing the best services to every caller.Our hotline counselors are trained in telephone lethality assessment to assess the level of individual risk and to determine the appropriate level of services.We provide crisis counseling, suicide prevention, support, information and referral.I have heard that many children in foster care have “special needs.” What does that mean?The term “special needs” simply refers to children who qualify for adoption assistance—ongoing governmental medical and/or financial support after adoption occurs—due to specific factors or conditions such as: A child with special needs should not be confused with a child who requires special education.Each year, approximately 20,000 youth will age out of the foster care system when they turn 18 or 21, or when they finish high school (depending upon the state in which they live.) These children are at increased risk of poor educational outcomes, experiencing homelessness, and being unemployed. Adopt USKids foster care and adoption resource specialists respond to hundreds of questions about foster care and adoption, and an active community of families is always exchanging information on our Facebook page.

Following are our responses to some of the questions that are frequently asked about the children in foster care.

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All of these children have experienced loss and some form of trauma.

In other ways, foster children are no different from children who aren’t in foster care: they are learning and growing, like to play and hang out with friends their age, and need the love and stability a permanent home provides.

The average age of a child in foster care is more than 8 years old, and there are slightly more boys than girls.