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Skype interactive sex

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After you get your toy, suggest innovative features that will get the press talking about Lush! As long as you and your partner both have internet access, you can message each other and give/receive control of your partner’s toy through our app. They are typically made of cheap materials and don't provide the visual feedback necessary to truly be in control of someone's toy. It would mean the world to us if you did this, even if you didn't support us financially. Click this perk to receive your Lush in 3-5 days (most regions). Click this perk to receive your Lush in 3-5 days (most regions).

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This service gives you all the benefits of our face-to-face relationship counselling in a flexible and convenient format.We have experience developing sex tech products and knew we could create a better product.We've already spent 10's of thousands of dollars (and countless hours) prototyping Lush.We also take care of the majority of the manufacturing process ourselves- enabling us to allocate additional resources to speed things up if necessary!Collectively, the Lovense team has spent a small fortune on wearable sex toys- only to be disappointed every time.It is fully interactive and completely confidential. The first step is to call us and set up an appointment.

To use the service, all you need is access to a computer with a webcam and a Skype account.

Now, we need a larger group of people to give us feedback on our app and suggest additional features before we ramp up production.

Lovense is a leading sex tech company- pushing innovation in the sex toy industry for close to 6 years.

I am one of Australia’s leading, trusted therapists specialising in relationships, intimacy and personal well-being.

As a renowned counsellor, speaker, writer and qualified sexologist, I am passionate about helping people develop the transformational skills they need to create a satisfying life and meaningful connections from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Work pressures, family pressures, the sheer hassle of everyday life mean that many people do not have the time to come to our centres.